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Neck Pain After a Car Accident

Neck Pain After a Car Accident

What to do when you experience neck pain after the car accident

Getting in an accident is not a one-time event when pain lasts long afterward. Neck pain is one of the most complaints after a car accident.

Neck pain after an accident is called whiplash. It occurs due to rapid to and fro stretching in the neck muscles, joints, nerves, intervertebral discs, and ligaments. Severity can depend on the sitting position, face angle, and the collision's impact.

Whiplash injury hurts almost in the same way as a common neck sprain or neck strain does. But the difference is that whiplash usually lasts more days than other neck injuries.

Whiplash is the kind of pain that cannot be ignored. As your spinal cord and neck are majorly affected by the neck pain after the accident, your whole central nervous system stays awake. It's a kind of a high alert sent to every part of the body. Ultimately, this leads to exhaustion and pain.

Symptoms of Whiplash

  1. Stiff neck muscles that hurt upon touching with a mere finger.
  2. Constant headache and tired eyes: vision can also be disturbed
  3. Dizziness
  4. Unable to concentrate or pay attention for more extended periods.
  5. Pain in the back and limbs.
  6. Extremely difficult to chew or swallow food down the throat.
  7. Constant ringing sound in the ear
  8. A slight fever and muscle fatigue
  9. Anxiety and depression
  10. Unable to lift anything with hands or even on the back.

What to Do About Painful Whiplash

Whiplash is a condition that needs your attention. You have to do something about it, or it will last for more than expected, affecting your quality of life.

  1. Like any other muscle sprain, home remedies try to do some quick and effective home remedies. Almost 80% of people feel much better after following a strict home care routine. Here's what you can do:

Consult your Doctor

In case the neck pain after the accident is not getting any better, and you see the symptoms are increasing every day, consult your doctor immediately. Discuss the accident's details and what remedies you've been doing at home already.

Explain to the doctor your symptoms honestly. Doctors will recommend some relaxants, painkillers, or specific muscle exercises. Follow these instructions and see if you get relief. Most people get better once they consult their doctors.

Physical Exercise

Many people think moving your head will cause more pain if they've got neck pain after the accident. But the truth is, one should always try moving their limbs and body in whatever situation it is. It will hurt, but it will save your motor neurons from permanent damage.

We suggest you should seek a physical therapist in the case of whiplash. He can tell you some medications and some calculated physical movements for your body that may ultimately help you heal.

Other Small Lifestyle Tips

We have some extra care tips for you to remember. Sleep on your back instead of a side of your body. Use two or three pillows for support and sleep straight. Do not change your neck position abruptly. Avoid putting the mobile phone between the head and shoulder.

Find a Reputable, Quality Pain Specialist

Pain specialists are trained doctors at the cutting edge of pain relief. A quality pain clinic will focus on holistic, non-invasive treatments rather than solely prescribed medication. It may seem scary or even drastic to see a pain specialist but finding a pain relief partner should bring you confidence in a more fulfilling life.

When looking for a compassionate pain specialist:

  1. Do your research about them. Does the doctor's practice involve holistic treatment plans?
  2. Are they well qualified and trained?
  3. Do they have many reviews from people? Seeing a doctor with many positive testimonials may reduce your anxiety from visiting them.

Scheduling your first consultation is a lot less scary when you have confidence in the clinic's approach, training, and track record.

Don't rely on self-healing of the neck pain.

There is no way one can avoid whiplash. Chronic pain from car accidents requires qualified, compassionate care. Don't suffer chronic neck pain and get relief.

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