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Jonathan Chin, MD

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One of the most important components of a workers’ compensation claim for a workplace-related accident or injury is an independent medical examination (IME). At Excelsior Pain Management in Austin, Texas, Harvard-trained and double board-certified pain management specialist, Jonathan Chin, MD, conducts IMEs if you need to have an evaluation for a workers’ compensation claim. To schedule an IME for yourself or your client, call the office today or use the online booking feature.

IME/ Workers Compensation Q & A

What is an IME examination?

When you file a workers’ compensation claim due to a workplace injury, you’ll first get an evaluation from your primary care doctor about the degree of treatment you need, how much time you need off from work, and whether you’ve experienced any permanent disability.

Often, your employer’s insurance company will disagree with your primary care doctor’s evaluation of your condition and order an independent medical examination (IME) from a doctor of their choice. Further, you may yourself want a second opinion if you or your lawyer has a concern about your initial evaluation. In these cases, you or your lawyer can usually choose the doctor, which means an IME can be a necessary protection and help you get the claim you deserve.

The purpose of an IME is to provide a second, neutral opinion from a doctor who’s not directly involved with your care. An IME will resolve any lingering questions about your condition, including confirming whether you need a surgery or other procedure to be covered by your employer’s insurance company.

What happens during an IME?

Before your IME, Dr. Chin will review your medical records and any documents relevant to your claim. Dr. Chin’s examination will clarify important details about your case, including:

  • The correct diagnosis for your condition
  • How your working conditions resulted in your condition
  • What treatment you need to address your condition
  • If you’ll be able to return to work and when, and any accommodations you may need when you go back
  • Whether you’re permanently disabled, and to what extent

Keep in mind that the usual expectations of doctor-patient confidentiality may not apply to an IME, even if you or your lawyer requests it, so Dr. Chin will likely be obligated to report what he observes and what you tell him to your employer’s insurance company. That means it’s especially important to be truthful during the examination.

What effect will the IME have on my workers’ compensation case?

Dr. Chin will write a report based on his findings in the IME, with a special focus on any unresolved questions or concerns, and you, your lawyer, and your employer will receive a copy. Dr. Chin’s opinion will be considered authoritative and objective, so your IME can be an important component in the outcome of your claim.

Dr. Chin will be happy to answer any questions you have about the role of the IME in your workers’ compensation claim during your visit.

If you’ve been involved in a workplace accident or developed chronic pain due to your work situation, schedule an independent medical examination by calling Excelsior Pain Management today or using the online booking feature.

Excelsior Pain Management also offers evaluation and treatment options for patients who are dealing with work-related injuries, aside from just obtaining an IME.  Whether it be for headaches, neck pain, back pain, joint pain, or any other pain sustained while on the job, the treatments and procedures offered by Harvard-trained, double board-certified pain management specialist, Jonathan Chin, MD, can help.